Friday, July 04, 2008

Burning Ring of Fire, Part III

Happy Fourth of July everyone. Sorry for no blog post yesterday; I am indeed alive but dealt with another day of fires and chaos. The past 48+ hours have been surreal. Let's break it down:

5:30pm- Fire Starts in the mountains about 5-10 miles away from my apartment, I did not even know.

8:15am- Ash on my car. Radio reports say 230 acres burning.
6:00pm- Driving home from work, I see the plumes of smoke and take these pictures.
7:15pm- Fire knocks out power for about 180,000 people. Kids in IV party like its the end of the world.
11:30pm- Power comes back on; partying continues.

8:45am- Last night's power outages have knocked out our internet at work. Also, the fire has grown to 2,000 acres.
3:00pm- Internet comes back after I have been sitting around bored for six hours because the only assignments I have left require the web.
6:15pm- Arrive at train station to go home for the Fourth. Take pictures below. Try not to breathe in too much of the ash falling like snow.
6:45pm- Train does not show up on time. I make friends with a girl from Kazakhstan, Christian camp counselor, saxophone player, and many other UCSB students trying to figure out what is going on.
7:30pm- We find out that a train hit a car in Ventura and killed a person earlier in the day, throwing the whole schedule for a loop.
7:40pm- Power goes out again, so we are sitting in the dark looking like ashtrays.
8:15pm- Train finally comes, but they have to clean and debrief from the accident. We get cranky; we don't care about a clean train since we are covered in ash.
9:00pm- We finally get on the train and leave.

8:00am- I wake up in my comfy bed in San Clemente. The fire has doubled in size to 5,400 acres and become the number one priority in CA. I thank all the firefighters again and pray that everyone in Santa Barbara is ok.

More Pictures:
In-n-Out near Alex's Family
Sun Behind the Smoke
Waiting at the Goleta Train Station, Two Miles from My Apartment
Smokey Sunset

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