Thursday, July 03, 2008

Burning Ring of Fire, Part II

When I came home from work, the sky was reddish gray and ashes were falling like snow. Someone said it looked like Dante’s Peak, I said that it felt like the apocalypse. Little did I know that we would soon be losing power and then it really would feel like the end of the world.

I am sitting here in the dark because the power has been out for three hours now in all of Isla Vista. I thought it was just my building or block, but when I went out to scavenge for some food (curses for eating the last of my salad and sliced turkey yesterday) I realized that everyone had lost power. Everyone was wandering around the streets looking for food or something to do. But no eateries were open and now there is no escape by car since my car is behind an electric-powered gate. I am officially stranded.

It is funny how people cope with power outages. I ate a bowl of cheerios for dinner in the dark and am writing this blog on Word (thank goodness for a laptop with a long battery life and a spare battery). Other people lined up outside of the liquor store, the only place that would stay open and take orders one by one. Other people are lighting the fireworks they bought for the fourth—yes, let’s start another brush fire. Other people are singing very badly.

I just want electricity.

[Written at 10pm, hour three of the power outage]
[Update: Power regained at 11:30pm]

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