Sunday, July 06, 2008

Summer Selections

Living in a new place with newly found free time, mobility, and television programing makes me feel like I am living a different life than the one I have during the school year. Here's what I have been . . .

Watching on tv: America's Best Dance Crew. My roommate and I caught the tail end of last season and now I am fully addicted. Supercr3w is my favorite, but I also cheer for A.S.I.I.D and Boogie Bots (representing DC)

Reading for fun: Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet. Alex and Oprah both say it's good; I am slowly making my way through the 1,000 page book.

Listening to: 103.3 the Vibe, the Beat of the Central Coast. My brother and I always used to listen to Power 106 every morning driving to high school, and now I continue the hip-hop tradition by listening to this station on my drive to and from work. Though it might be hard to imagine me "bumping" hip-hop in my SUV while dressed in business attire, it picks me up in the morning and I loathe stations with morning talk.

Watching in the theaters: Wall-E. I am not sure if it is "Best-Picture" worthy, but still a good, cute movie.

Reading for my news: The Santa Barbara Independent and the Daily Sound, since I have become an adopted Santa Barbaran who hates the Santa Barbara News-Press (the owner = crazy) and needs updates on the fire.

Eating: more sushi than usual. Between visiting my sushi-loving parents and going out with lawyers who always want sushi, I have been getting my share of raw fish. And frozen yogurt with mochi and strawberries; perfect summer treat for those hot days.

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