Thursday, July 03, 2008

Burning Ring of Fire

When I was younger, I always wondered why people would live in Florida and endure hurricanes every year. Now I bet people question why people live in California and endure brush fires annually.

This morning when I walked to my car, it was covered in ash. As I looked up at the sky on my drive to work, I saw billows of smoke. The news on the radio informed me that a fire started last night in the mountains, about ten miles from my apartment. Reports now it has burned some 300+ acres.

Seems like the fires are following me everywhere I go. First the big fire in Big Sur, now in Santa Barbara. Oh yeah, there was a fire in my hometown of Santa Clarita too. Thankfully that one is completely contained; I still remember 2004 when the fire was hundreds of feet away from my house and my parents had things packed in case of an evacuation.

Has it always been this way? I cannot figure out whether fires are become more frequent or if I just did not know about them when I was younger. It seems to be a way of life nowadays. Every year a different part of California is on fire and the same images reappear: people hosing down their houses, firefighters evacuating people, choppers doing water drops. And every year I thank firefighters for protecting us crazy people who choose to live by dry brush.

Below are some pictures I took when I got home from work.

[Written at 8pm, during hour one of the power outage]

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