Sunday, March 14, 2010

Warm Fuzzy Sunday

At church camp, way back in high school, we acted out this story that involved "warm fuzzies" and "cold pricklies." I can't even remember most of what the story is about anymore, other than that the moral was to spread warm fuzzies.

Although I absolutely love my day job, most of what I deal with is very cold prickly. If you are in the court, it means that there is a dispute so intense that it could not be worked out by the parties themselves. The job can be rewarding if you can resolve a situation, but it can be equally frustrating if things do not work out. Really? You're really bringing this dispute to court and going to battle it out for years? Sometimes I just want to shake common sense into our parties. As I mentioned in a blog post last week, it was a draining week. And it literally got cold and rainy.

Fortunately today rejuvenated my spirits. In addition to a little church in the morning, it was a full UCLA day. Alumni brunch club in the morning, coffee with a UCLA friend afterwards, and dinner with another UCLA friend to cap off the day. I was excited to see people making new friends and connecting with others they had met at other events I helped planned. And it made me so happy to catch up with good friends--friends who you don't have to see or talk to regularly but you can jump back on the same page with them immediately.

Today was a good reminder that as immersed as I can get in my work, which often happens because I am a workoholic, it is important to maintain those relationships outside of the office--both with new acquaintances and with old friends. Because though I can't always control what happens in the courtroom, I can at least control my personal life.

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