Friday, March 12, 2010

Courthouse of Love

It was a draining week at work. 2 straight hours of argument on government contracts. 3 hours of arguments on a multimillion dollar commercial lease dispute. 2 hour evidentiary trial on drug ring-related eviction. 1 hour debating exhibits in a prison stabbing trial. 3 hours of lawyers arguing over evidentiary motions in an assault & battery/wrongful termination/sexual harassment case. All interesting, but all exhausting, heavy ligitigous stuff.

But piercing through the dark cloud of litigation that hovered over our courtroom this week was a moment of pure happieness. We got to do a wedding. One of the many same-sex marraiges that occurred this week since the same-sex marriage law went into effect, to be exact.

Although I am typically a sap at weddings, I did not expect to be so moved by a wedding of two people I did not know. However, it was very touching to see how excited and happy these two women and their families were to make the marriage official. Though they have been in a committed relationship for over a decade and "married" in Hawaii ten years ago, it was for them to be married under the law. I felt honored to be there with their closest friends and family. 

There was also a moment of pride that I got to be at what could be considered a historic event. The civil rights movement of our generation, as my friend describes it. Only five states and one district allow gay marriage. I am convinced, however, that the tide will change as people see that same sex relationships are no different than opposite sex ones.

Most people come into the courthouse unhappy: parties, lawyers, jurors. If it's a good day, one side in litigation will leave happy. If it's a great day, both parties will be "ok" with the result. But with weddings, everyone wins.

Congrats Beverly & Marlene.

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