Saturday, December 19, 2009

snOMG 2009

A major storm is burying Washington with what forecasters said could be the largest snowfall to hit the region in six years and the greatest December accumulation in more than 70 years. --WaPo
So they are predicting up to 20 inches of snow today, which is probably more snow than I have seen in DC in the past three years combined. Some people are freaking out. I am happy snuggled up on my couch with a blanket and hot chocolate, watching a Law and Order marathon. 

Moments like this make me thankful for a lot of things . . .
that I have a cozy apartment with heat
that I finished most of my Christmas shopping so I don't have to go outside
that I have Amazon Prime to finish the rest
that I don't have to leave my building to go to the gym
that I have food and toilet paper, meaning I don't have to fight the crazies at the grocery store
that I have an underground tunnel to the grocery store if I really did need something
that I don't have final exams that I have to go to school to take
that I booked my flight for Wednesday and don't have to try to travel this weekend
that there are dedicated people who brave the cold to keep everyone safe
that I don't live in a place where this happens regularly

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