Tuesday, December 15, 2009

DC Nights

I love DC at night. I love the way the buildings glow. The way the hustle and bustle comes to a standstill. The way you can hear the bell toll from historic churches. It's almost like being in Europe, or a Dan Brown book.

This is an old picture from when I was an intern in 2004, and not the best composition, but I love it anyway. It is of the Old Executive Office Building, one of my favorite buildings in DC.

My post-work shopping, metro delays, and decent weather gave me an excuse to walk tonight. I strolled from my work, to the White House, past the Executive Office Building, and to another metro station. When there are metros right by your work and apartment, it is easy to forget how close everything until you walk. I often take for granted the fact that my office is a mile away from the White House in one direction and three-fourths of a mile from the Capitol in the other direction.

I should take advantage of the above-ground scenery while I can. Once those winter flurries hit, back to the metro.

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