Sunday, May 17, 2009

Open Minds

Every morning since classes ended, I have started off my day by watching West Wing while running at the gym. Before, during the Bush Administration, the West Wing used to be my political escapism--what I wish the Presidency was. And while the Obama Presidency has far to go, even I can admit that, I feel like it is closing the gap between my idealism and reality.

It is not even just about liberal versus conservative. It is how the President speaks, frames issues, governs, and represents the country. A great example came today, with Obama's speech at Notre Dame's commencement. (read the text or watch it here) It is the type of speech that fictional President Bartlet would give at his alma mater. Confronting controversial subjects like abortion without being confrontational. The analogies, the connections, the imagery of fisherman. It is something that fictional Sam Seaborne would write. So good.

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