Saturday, May 16, 2009

Guess Who

On my way to the metro today, I passed by Filene's Basement, where there were four black sedans and suburbans and half a dozen men with little pins on their lapels and earpieces. I have seen enough episodes of the West Wing and been to enough political events to know that these were probably political secret service so I went inside to try to figure out who it was.

Despite following the secret service around the store, assuming that it would lead me to whoever they were protecting, I was not able to figure out who it was. I saw one of them talking to an older white woman who I did not recognize, so I am not sure if that was her, a friend, or just a normal customer.

I am hoping my smart and political savvy friends would be able to help me figure out who it was. Clues:
  • I am almost certain it was a woman because the secret service were downstairs in the women's section almost the entire time.
  • It was someone important enough to have four secret service cars and a dozen secret service gaurds.
  • This person shops at Filene's Basement, which means that she likes designer clothes at discount prices.
  • This occured on Saturday around 10am, meaning that it was probably not Michelle Obama because she gave the commencement speech at UC Merced.
  • This Filene's was next to the Mayflower Hotel, which means it could be someone in town for something.

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