Monday, May 18, 2009

Kennedy Center

As part of graduation week festivities, I got to go to the Kennedy Center to see Ragtime. (picture courtesy of DCist, who had a glowing review) Even though the school subsidized the event and we only had to pay $5, I would have paid more because it was a great show.

Sometimes I forget how easy it is for me to see these kind of performances at the Kennedy Center, which is just a few blocks away from Alex's apartment. Everything I have seen there has been great, and Laura Bush was even at one of the shows we saw. I feel so "grown-up" and fancy whenever I go, like when Sam and Mallori went to the opera at the same place (yes, another West Wing reference).

With another year in DC, free of law school, I am starting to make a list of things I want to take advantage of while I am in the District. One of them is seeing more performing arts, especially because there are so many free ones in DC.

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