Monday, April 13, 2009

Two Weeks Notice

It is really scary to think that I only have two more weeks of school, ever. Hoping to end strongly and gain some momentum for the bar exam, I have decided it is time to really buckle down academically and regain my motivation that I lost at Spring Break.

Part of that plan unfortunately meant ending my job at the General Counsel's Office. Today was my last day and it was really sad leaving. I visited with all the lawyers, who each gave me advice of course about the bar exam, and they gave me lovely flowers.

Even though I worked 15+ hours a week in addition to school, it never felt like work. I always looked forward to the new projects that they would give me and was able to work on really juicy cases. I learned the ins and outs about the legal issues of a University and found something I would love to do. It was probably my favorite job I have ever had and I hope I find something like it again.

Funny how I fell in the position happenstance though, after being rejected from another job. I guess it should be a sign that it will all work out.

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