Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Church 'n Children

As a follow-up to Sunday's post about rambunctious children at Easter Mass . . .

I try to be very understanding of parents, especially because I probably have no idea how hard it is. I understand that they want to bring kids to church and celebrate together. And I understand that they are probably exhausted, it is hard to find child care on a Sunday morning, and many of them do try to control their children.

However, I wonder what the point is of keeping your kid in church and having them cry, scream, run around, and bang on church pews? I feel like some people feel obligated to be in church for the sake of being in the building, especially on major religious holidays. But the parent could not be getting anything out of the sermon if they are trying to constantly quiet their child, and everyone around them cannot pay attention either. Is it that hard to take them outside or to the crying room? My mom told me that the minute that my dad heard a peep out of my brother and I, he would take us outside.

I only bring this up because I sat by the most well-behaved toddler at the school cafeteria today. I think she was a Professor's daughter, who quietly ate her vegetables with her mom at school today. They renewed my faith in good kids and good parenting.

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