Sunday, April 12, 2009


I think the older I get, the more I appreciate low-key holidays. Easter is a lot like my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, because it is about family and friends coming together and giving thanks, in this case for Jesus' sacrifice and resurrection. Even though it is commercialized like every other holiday and kids get Easter basket, it still seems to be a holiday less centered around just buying stuff.

I love celebrating the start of spring and seeing everyone at church dressed in bright pastels. I love going to the Washington Post and seeing the winners of the Washington Post's annual Peep Show Dirorama Contest (pictured is one of my favorites, and a finalist) and this year's new Peeps in the Law contest hosted by the ABA.

Overall, today was pretty much a great day. After waking up, I admittedly had one cookie that my mom had sent me as part of my own basket because I have been sweet-free for all of Lent. Alex and I went to church at the beautiful St. Matthew's Cathedral, the location of JFK and Justice Rehnquist's funerals. Despite some rambunctious children running around in the back (really parents? just take them outside), it was a nice service.

And then after a day of brunch at Bread & Chocolate, cooking, and watching the Masters (go Shingo), we headed over to my friend's for a wonderful Easter dinner. It was a really fun dinner filled with delicious food from my top chef friends. I am lucky that since I am not able to fly home for Easter that I have had great people to spend it with in DC.

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