Sunday, April 19, 2009


Who would have ever thought that the Smithsonian Institution, which operates some of the most iconic American museums, was named after a British guy who had never been to the United States, established by an a bill penned by a socialist, and signed into law by President Polk in 1846. Thank you Wikipedia.

Since Alex's parents are in town, we took them to some Smithsonians: the American History Museum (my favorite), Natural History, Sculpture Garden, and Archives (not Smithsonian but in the area).

The Smithsonian museums are probably one of my favorite things in DC. I love the mix of history, politics, pop culture, interactive displays, and constantly rotating exhibits. And what is even better is that everything is free so you can keep coming back. Each Smithsonian is so full of fascinating and changing information that even after first coming to DC 11 years ago, I can come back to the same museums and be entertained.

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