Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Favorite ALR Things

Tonight was my journal's end of the year banquet. Despite all the work, being on journal was one of the best parts of law school. Here is a song that my friend Vicki wrote and my friend Chris sang at the banquet. Pretty much captures all of the things I will miss.

My Favorite ALR Things

Food in the office with classmates and spading;

Deer park spring water and SWO grading;

Waiting all night for those 10:10 meetings;

These are a few of my ALR things.

Cream colored covers;

And crisp published pages;

Six hundred plus footnotes of Varona at all stages;

Doing the re-tabs when he added note thirteen;

These are a few of my ALR things

When Scalia comes;

Getting free hours;

Eating Dana’s baked goods;

I simply remember these ALR things and then it improves my mood!

Mixing up Vicki, Kristina, and Kim;

Choosing from Bluebook or TLRM;

Library of Congress for source gathering;

These are a few of my ALR things.

Italicizing See, e.g.,’s first comma;

Intra-office dating and ALR staff drama;

Bar application commiserating;

These are a few of my ALR things.

Getting Wagshalls;

Eating twinkies;

Shockley’s Marie Calendar;

We simply remember all of these things, and that’s why we loveeee ALR!

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