Monday, April 20, 2009

Sigh, California

I love California and I absolutely plan on returning. But the more news I hear about the state, the more surprised I am that it just has not completely fallen off of the United States. I know that everyone is dealing with economic issues, but California seems to be deteriorating all around. Among being one of the states with the biggest debt and highest unemployment and foreclosure rates, it falls behinds states like Iowa in terms of gay rights. Iowa!

To put the nail in the coffin, Miss California gives this answer in response to gay marriage:

Hmm, opposite marriage? I feel like even if you did not believe in the right to gay marriage, there was a way to say it that was not so offensive. The sad part is that while Miss California is just one person, her answer is indicative of the state's current stance, as evidenced by the proposition banning gay marriage. That is what is more sad to me. Not just the honest answer of one person in a "scholarship" pageant.

In other California news, my Congressman, Buck McKeon's house was bulgarized by someone with Chicago license plates. In a letter to constiuents, the Congressman's wife stated that the bulgar was linked to Chicago, opposed Obama legislation saying it was right out of "Stalin's playbook" and part of Obama's "socialist agenda." Of course they deny that they were trying to link Obama to the bulgaries. Typical muckraking. And to think, this guy actually does represent California.

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