Friday, April 17, 2009

Moths to the Light

If there is one thing that living in DC for the past three years has taught me, it is not to take for granted abundant sunshine. Whereas in California I could count the number of rainy days in a year on one hand, there can be that many cloudy days here in DC in one week. It might not be the most exciting thing to read about, but I blog so much about the weather because this really is a new phenomenon to me.

So many people are finally excited to have real spring weather after what seemed like the most drawn out winter ever. We did not many snowstorms a subzero weather, we just had so many days of gloom and chilly weather. So when the sunshine came back, we followed it. Even though I sequestered myself in the library today, I sat under the skylight. And I managed to eat both lunch and dinner outside. It seemed that was everyone else's plan too, as waits for the patio were almost an hour everywhere we went.

Now if I could only figure out how to study outside.

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