Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How Could I Not . . .

The worst part about being a law student is that you scrutinize every decision. I waivered all day Monday, trying to decide whether to go to Philadelphia for March Madness. However, I had some very persuasive friends practicing their advocacy skills who convinced me to go.

How could I not go when UCLA and American are playing in the same city, in the same evening session, and thus for the price of one ticket.
How could I not go when they be playing in a city that's only a two hour drive from DC.
How could I not go when I got tickets for a great price courtesy of the alumni club.
How could I not go when I am a second-semester 3L student with a relatively flexible schedule and fewer responsibilities.

So yeah, look for me on CBS. And cross your fingers that both UCLA and AU win, which would mean that they play each other on Saturday and I have a identity crisis (not really, Go Bruins!)

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