Monday, February 02, 2009

Catastrophic Failure

After having four servicemen come out and try to fix my computer in the past few months, including one who threw out his back and had to be rushed to the hospital, Dell has finally convinced me to send my computer into the Depot tomorrow. Although it generally operates fine, there seems to be some mysterious problem that automatically shuts down my computer when running in set-up or diagnostic mode. What that means, I have no idea.

As sad as I will be to not have my laptop with me for the next week or two, I know that I should just have them fully fix it before the Bar exam and while it is still under warranty. They said that if they cannot fix it, they will give me a new computer, which would also be nice. Fortunately I was able to manually back-up all my files in two places because when I ran an automatic back-up today, this is the message I got:
Catastrophic failure. I think that pretty sums up my relation with technology. As much time as I spend with my laptop and treat it with care, technology always seems to fight back, giving me some sort of weird problem. And of course today I had to work on a lawsuit involving highly technical computer server stuff. Basically a foreign language to me.

I swear, this must be my punishment in life for choosing not become an engineer like the rest of my family.

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