Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wintery Mix

Today President Obama took a minute out of economic discussions to poke fun at how DC'ers react to the cold. While I admit to being a weather wimp having recently come here from California, I will have to respectfully disagree with the President that DC'ers need Chicago toughness.

DC'ers are a pretty tough bunch, especially those living outside the bubble of the wealthy Northwest. It is not that the people who cannot deal with the cold, they just cannot deal with a District who year after year cannot deal with the wintery mix of snow/sleet/rain every year. In places like Syracuse, Chicago, and Minneapolis (my home home town!), the cities know how to snow plow and salt the roads. And most important to pedestrians like myself, sidewalks are cleared! [icy sidewalk pic courtesy of philliefan99 on DCist]

I love how on the week that I accept an offer that will keep me in DC for another year, we get some of the worst weather I have seen in two years. Remind me why I am staying here again. At least this did not come last week. To the left is a picture of the Mall yesterday. [courtesy of kimberlyfaye on DCist also]. I cannot imagine how horrible it would have been to sit in the freezing rain during the inaguration. I do not know if Obama, with his Chicago toughness, could have even stood that.

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