Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Offer & Acceptance

Today I trekked downtown on the first day of snow, walked/slid on ice in heels, and had some kid who should have been in school throw snow on me as I came up on the escalator for a second interview. It was all very worth it though because I received an offer from a DC judge for a clerkship for after graduation, which I accepted.

Although it is only a year long position, it is a real job with salary and benefits. (I know, I am finally working for money . . . shocking!) The position entails researching, advising the judge, and helping write opinions on hundreds of civil cases. I am sure this will be beneficial to whatever job I accept when I come back to California afterwards. And yes, that is still the game plan. I am really excited, especially because I have heard many positive things about this judge and clerking in general.

This also means that I will have another year in DC to enjoy without the burden of being a student. And, if you have not visited me yet here, you have more time!

One of the factors that influenced me to go to law school was a law conference in DC that I attended in high school. Part of the conference was heading down to the DC courthouses to watch trials in action. After the trial, the judge stopped us all and gave us a lecture about how important the judicial branch is society. I can still remember his speech seven years later. It feels like things are coming full circle.

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