Monday, January 12, 2009

Last First Day

I said it before in August, but today was really my last first day of school. I still cannot believe how quickly law school has flown by and that I will be graduating in a few months. Coincidentally, my class today was in the same room as my first ever law school class. Oh, how things come first circle.

I would write more but I am already exhausted. Two hours of Business Associations + five hours working at the general counsel's office + 1 hour at the gym + 1 hour watching Gossip Girl + 3 hours reading Remedies (how do I have 4x as much reading, but am taking 1/2 the credits I did last semester?) all on less than my usual 8 hours of sleep because I stayed up until 1am to watch UCLA beat USC basketball in a close game = TIRED.

But I know that's what my BA professor would have wanted me to do. He used to be a baller, really. Prof. Wallace: First African American to play basketball in the SEC, Tennessee Hall of Fame inductee, 76'ers draftee, and engineering major. Like I said, baller.

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Lauren said...

Gossip Girl sucks up more of my time than I like to admit =X Seriously though, I love Chuck/Blair so much, it's not even funny.