Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Inauguration Invasion

Inauguration Countdown: 1 Week
I always find it funny how much DC'ers hate tourists, considering that the vast majority of us are transplants and were probably once tourists here too. Yes, it's annoying when people stand on the left side of the escalator during rush hour traffic, but that's not really the fault of the tourists. (They really need to label the metro escalators, it would solve 90% of commuter aggression.) And didn't we all know we were moving to a tourist town? It's kind of part of the package.

I find it equally amusing how disgruntled people are getting about the inauguration- making last minute plans to escape the city. It's not like we just found out that this is going to be a popular event. It is a major inconvenience for a lot of people in this town, but it's just one long weekend that happens, at-most, every four years.

Maybe it's just because I am a political nerd and love Obama, but I am excited. I get to go to a ball and will try my best to make it out to the Mall for the huge concerts and main event. Even with the millions of people, it will be a unique experience to be in the middle of it all. I remember when I decided to go to school in DC, one of the first things I realized was that I would still be in school for the administration change. (little did I know then it would be a Democrat, let alone Barack Obama) And now it's finally here.

Fluffy Thoughts Cakes' Obama Cupcakes, Picture Courtesy of the Washingtonian

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