Monday, December 15, 2008

Tights Are Not Pants!

Now that finals are over, I can write about the frivilous things I have been meaning to write about for weeks. First up: fashion crimes. I am fully aware that I am not the most fashionable or trendy person around. However, there are some things that are so bad that we can all agree that the looks should be banned. Here are those topping my list.

1. Tights as pants. My biggest pet peeve is when women wear tights/leggings in lieu of pants. The most tragic instance I saw of this was a girl who was wearing sheer black leggings and a normal length flannel shirt so that you were able to see her bright white underwear. A few days later, I saw a middle aged woman coming from an academic conference wearing a sweater that barely covered her crotch area and sheer leggings. It was disturbing watching her try to sit down on the bus without exposing herself to all of us.

Whether you are a teenage girl, conference attendee, or actress Sienna Miller (see right), it just is not right. Upon googling for images for this post, I discovered that I am not the only person who feels this way. There is an online movements where you can print out signs, and even Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl) expelled a Headband from her clique for violating this rule. In addition to being an eyesore to people, I cannot understand how this is comfortable or not cold for people.

2. Pajamas as pants. Are pants really that uncomfortable? I never liked when I saw people in high school, college, or on the street wearing pajama pants. But it really bothers me in law school. Professional school people. I do not care if you have an "early" class (9am is not that early) or are studying for finals. You are around people who may potentially hire you or serve as references. Usually I don't care what people wear (hard to believe after this post), but it reflects poorly on all of us when people in pj pants look like slobs.

3. The bandana. As though Bret Michaels has not harmed society enough with the show Rock of Love (as much trashy tv as I watch, I do have some standards), I feel like he is bringing back the bandana. I am not sure why the bandana headband bothers me so much other than the fact that every person who I have seen sporting this has been a jerk (See, e.g., drunk Capitols fan at the bar making fun of the UCLA 8-Clap; girl in the clinic office who is super loud). Furthermore, I saw two girls walking to high school both with the exact same bangs in the face haircut, outfit, and bandanas wrapped around their legs. My roommate laughed when I called them posers, but they just looked ridiculous trying to be so trendy, especially when there were two people wearing the same non-conformist emo outfit.

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faithsalutes said...

UMMMM, I agree. I am drugged up and fashion forward and I very much agree....