Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wii Are Family*

Growing up, my parents were never really into games. They of course did other things with us like build model rockets and do art projects, but when it came to board games or video games, it was usually just my brother stealing money out of the monopoly bank and I. This is why I was skeptical when my mom kept saying that she wanted the Wii. Would my parents actually play it?

Well the answer turns out to be yes. We got my mom a Wii and Wii fit for her birthday, and it has brought out the competitive side of my parents I never knew existed. After I, the non-engineer of the family, set it up all by myself, we played Wii sports for a good part of the afternoon. In fact, my dad wouldn't let me get back to studying until he finally beat me in Wii bowling (which he won fair and square, Doans don't quit).

At first I thought Wii was a ridiculous name for a gaming system. However, when we are at a point in time when everything seems to becoming more "I"--with the iPhone, iPod, iTouch-- I am glad some technology is promoting a community experience, especially amongst families and across generations. I can't wait to see if my grandma will play against my little cousins at Christmas.

*Apologies for the corniest blog title ever. I couldn't resist.

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