Sunday, November 30, 2008

Signs that My Brain Has Been Rewired

I was going to entitle this list "Signs that I need a Vacation," but even with a siesta, I doubt that it would be unable to undo what the past two and a half years of law school has done to how I think about things.

People warned me. My LSAT teacher, professors, and other law students. They said you will never be able to see the world the same way after law school. And while I thought that seeing torts everywhere was just a first-year thing or nerdy law analogies would only arise around my fellow classmates, being solely around non-law family and friends made me realize that the damage is probably permanent.

Here are just a few examples from this weekend:
  • I volunteer to write letters complaining about anything and everything. My dad has a problem with the BMW dealership denting his car, not fixing it right away, and not giving him a rental car, I will complain. My mom is still angry about the politicized sermon given at church right before the election, I will complain.
  • While developing the rules for our family's gift exchange, I want to make sure that everyone knows the rules and that they are applied equitably. I also suggest that people confirm that they have read the rules. Geez, a Christmas contract?
  • When I meet my friend for breakfast and find out that someone from our high school is getting divorced, I do a run-down in my mind of her grounds for divorce. When my friend also tells me that the person we know got a restraining order and custody of the kids, I think about the elements needed for those things too.
  • Watching college football by my brother, I decide who to cheer for based on which state I have greater contacts with.
Sigh. I promise that I do have a life outside of law school and I do other things. My only hope is that my mind is in legal overdrive now that I am studying for finals and in full clinic mode. Hopefully I will not be as bad after I graduate.

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