Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Talk

After doing family law cases over the summer and this semester, I am especially thankful for a 'normal' and fun-going family. In addition to copious amounts of food, another Thanksgiving tradition is catching up with my not-so-little-anymore cousins and watching Mighty Ducks with my twenty-two year old brother.
Cousin Thomas: This is just her 13th birthday. Imagine how bad she will be when turns 16.
Me: Are you going to have a super sweet 16?
Cousin Michelle: Haha. Do you watch that show too? Those girls have such big houses.
Me: That's because they live out in the middle of nowhere.
Michelle: Yeah, like that girl who lived out in the farm . . .
Me: And had the fairytale princess party!
Michelle: Yes! What other shows do you watch? Do you watch Paris Hilton's Best Friend?
Me: Michelle, I have standards.
Thomas: You guys are ridiculous.

So I am not sure which is worse. That my twelve-going-on-thirteen year old cousin watches My Super Sweet Sixteen or that I, someone twice her age.
Andrew: Kristina, what's that quote from the Mighty Ducks? Soft hands . . .
Me: I cannot remember.
Five Minutes later
Me: I don't think there was a catchphrase. It was just something about soft hands, not shooting the puck but sailing it.
Andrew: It was 'Soft hands, Fulton; concentration not strength.' Germaine tells Fulton that when Coach Bombay runs the play with Fulton for the playoff game.
Me: Oh, I was thinking just of the original practice when Bombay said it.
Andrew: No, you're a horrible Mighty Ducks fan.

This conversation of course prompts my brother to put in our Mighty Ducks DVD so we can watch it for the 100th time. Yes, we do own the trilogy DVD set.

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