Sunday, November 02, 2008

First & Second Chances

Every Sunday, my roommate and I watch Extreme Home Makeover and have to hold back our tears. Though I am envious of the nice homes and creative rooms that are built for the families, it's the opportunities that the show provide that always choke me up. Whether it is giving kids scholarships to go to college or parents the first vacation that they have never been able to go on because they have been taking care of kids with disabilities, those are the moments when I have to try not to cry.

Added to my Sunday, feel-good tv rotation is the Chef Jeff Project. The chef, who was a former convicted drug dealer, gives teenagers who have been in trouble with the law the opportunity to work at his catering company and the opportunity to earn a full culinary school scholarship. Today, they catered an event for kids with cancer. The teenagers often talk about how grateful they are for this chance, for someone to believe in them, and to show people that they will not be failures. It might sound super cheesy but it seems very genuine (plus, I like cheesy).

In addition to giving me the warm and fuzzies, these shows are kind of nice perspective on a Sunday. In the same way that the chefs on Chef Jeff felt that their problems were insignifcant to the children they were cooking for, any problems I have are miniscule to those on either show I watch. How can you really complain about law school when you realize how lucky you are to have this opportunity, your health is good, and you basically have no hardships in life? So make fun of my cheesy television all you want, I am just hoping it keeps me a little more grounded and a little less "woe is me law student."

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