Thursday, July 24, 2008

ABBA Addicts

There are only two things that John McCain and I have in common.
1. We both agree that USC stands for the University of Spoiled Children
2. We both share a love of ABBA- though I do not plan to "take a chance" on him (he made the joke first)

I went to go see Mamma Mia yesterday with Alex's mom and sister. At first I was going to opt out because I felt overwhelmed with clerkship apps and journal assignments, and I was exhausted after being woken up at 4am from the party kids upstairs. But I am glad I went because it was the perfect pick me up. ABBA songs + Meryl Streep, Colin First, and Pierce Brosnan in bell bottoms = happiness.

Sure it was super cheesy and Pierce Brosnan does not have the best voice but I can't carry a tune for the life of me. Plus, I like the fact that to practice, he went up and down the coast singing karoke even though he hates hearing his voice.

Now I have ABBA songs stuck in my head. Mamma Mia, SOS, Super Trouper, oh the list of classics goes on. We always used to play the ABBA Gold CD on long car rides because it was the only music that my parents, brother, and I could all agree on. If my "happy place" had a soundtrack, it would be this CD.

Since I know this post will prompt people telling me that I should go see Batman, I will say that I probably will. But sometime you just need those mindless, cheesy, bright and shiny summer movies.

(and before I get concerned messages about me being stressed-- I am a lot better now after talking to some professors and discovering I have a lot less work than I thought. don't worry about me worrying)

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Helen said...

you are my twin - I saw Mama Mia on Saturday for the exact same reason.