Friday, July 25, 2008

No Fun Allowed

I have officially become one of those old people who complain about the young'uns playing their music too loud and drinking too much. I even programmed the police's phone number into my phone after the people upstairs woke me up at 4am by pounding their music and shaking my ceiling (I swear- they had to be either dancing, wrestling, or bowling). I vowed that I would get them next time. *shakes fist*

In the never ending saga of living in IV, I got this email But then I got this email today:

Please know that we have hired a night patrol team that will be monitoring Breakpointe. Due to the increased activity in the area, we will be strictly enforcing:

1) Quiet Hours from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. – If you have friends visiting, you will be asked to close your door and keep noise levels to a minimum. We do not allow kegs or other large parties and this will be strictly enforced.

2) Pool Closure – The pool will remained closed during this time.

Emergency Line – Should anyone have an emergency, please call the night patrol team at (805) 728-xxxx.
First the Irish Consulate cracked down on their exchange students causing a ruckus, and now my building. Knowing IV's reputation, I thought it was like this all the time, but it must be especially bad this year if my building is actually paying for nighttime patrol. Fortunately I am a pretty sound sleeper and this has only bothered me a few times. It just gives me good stories to tell.

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