Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Office

Now that my friends and I have entered the working world, we can really understand why people relate to the show, The Office. My friend's boss came to a meeting in a Star Trek costume. My other friend's office blew off heads of dummies to show the hazards of fireworks. Another friend sat through a two hour presentation about the difference between "that" and "which." From the bizarre to the boring, I think there are so many moments when we sit in our offices and wonder if everything is really happening.

As for my office, we are now held hostage by the kitchen patrol. One of the lawyers has made it his mission to figure out how 100+ pieces of chocolate disappear from our office in less than two days. He went door to door interrogating people; I am actually surprised that he did not check our trashcans. And today, when someone brought in homemade chocolate chip cookies, he made a chart with all of our names so we could put tally marks for every cookie we take.

Don't worry, it's all in good fun (I think). Things are pretty "normal" in our offices even if our cases are crazy . . . especially those family law ones.

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