Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Limited Liability Confections

My friend Ben, who is also in law school, sent me a picture of the blueberry cheesecake he made. I told him that if the law did not work out for us, we could open up a bakery. I know it sounds a little like Warren Brown, who suffered a breakdown as a lawyer before deciding to devote himself to Cake Love, his bakery in DC; but hopefully we would make our decision before losing feeling in our limbs. We would also want to retain some of our legal background.

So we came up with Doan Benjamin LLC: Limited Liability Confections. (he calls me by my last name) This got us to thinking of names for our baked goods. Here are the 'guilty pleasures' we came up with:

Contempt cakes
Tort tarts
Blue(book) berry pie
Guilt-free chocolate cakes
Arraignment meringues
Lemon (dis)bar
Impeach Cobbler
Circuit banana split
And my favorite: Tirami-sue

I think one of the reason why Ben and I are such good friends is because we both revel on in nerdiness. We used to analogize relationships to political science concepts. We are also both foodies. Law school has only made us worse.

Now it's time to trademark all these names before another lawyer steals them.

[Photo Courtesy of Cupcake-Momma]

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