Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Mornings

This morning was such a Monday. I decided to refuel the Green Monster this morning, which is already depressing enough with the gas prices. I put the nozzle into the car and turned away (I admit it, I didn't want to see how much it was costing). Then I started smelling gas, and I turned around. Looks like the nozzle had started leaking and there was gas all over the ground. I am not sure how much gas I wasted, but at $4.60 a gallon, I felt like a bully stole my lunch money.

Thank goodness there was a big bowl of pieces of dark chocolate with almonds in the office kitchen. I had two pieces and a cup of tea for breakfast. A cure for a rocky morning and prevention from anything else bad happening today. Plus, aren't dark chocolate and almonds both supposed to be good for you?

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