Sunday, May 04, 2008

Two-Thirds Lawyer

Never fear, I am still alive. After my last in class examination of my 2L year on Friday, I stayed far away from my computer because I could. I actually felt a lot better coming out that examination, so I was happy to end on a positive note and was ready to celebrate accordingly:

After Friday's test, a group of us headed over to Cactus Cantina to sit on the patio, enjoy the amazing summer-weather night, and drink margaritas.

On Saturday afternoon, my friends, Alex, and I headed over to the new Nationals Stadium. It felt so good to sit out in the sun-- probably the most I have been outside since Spring Break. The Nationals won, Teddy Roosevelt chased pirogies during the President's Race, and I got an empanada. After the game, I watched the Kentucky Derby (I still cannot believe they euthanized Eight Bells!), and went to eat Vietnamese food with Alex in Virginia.

Finally, today I slept in for the first time in months. Watched a lot of Top Chef, Top Model, and Project Runway, and went to Trader Joe's.

Pretty much the perfect weekend. Sorry for those still in finals-- I often blog to capture memories and don't intend to make people feel bad. Plus, I still have to revise a paper to become a 3L.

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Helen said...

I'm so jealous right now I could cry. My last one is tomorrow (Remedies) and I am so unmotivated it's not even funny. Congrats on being done!!!