Friday, May 02, 2008

Not a Sissy

In Administrative Law, the term capture refers to the phenomenon of when the mindset of the government agency regulators and those industries they are supposed to regulate become the same. Basically, the industries influence and end up controlling the agencies.

Well, I feel captured by Administrative Law itself. Last night I had a dream that I was interviewing for the Administrative Law Editorial board when it appeared that someone was robbing the hotel we were in. In my dream, we all dropped to the ground and tried to hide from the gunmen. Turns out that the robbers were actually the Department of Homeland Security exercising the full powers of the police state. At the end of my dream, the President from '24' (a show that I have never watched) declared that Homeland Security abused its delegated power.

I am presently sitting in my apartment waiting to take my Administrative Law final in a little over eight hours (yes, a final on a Friday night), wearing my Admin Law Review tshirt that says "Administrative Law is not for sissies . . ." quoting Antonin Scalia.

It has taken over my life. I have been captured. At least I know I am not a sissy.

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