Monday, May 05, 2008

Happy Battle of Puebla Day

I am always fascinated with how traditions came to be. How turkey became the dish for Thanksgiving, how the Kentucky Derby became the horse race, or how Cinco de Mayo became the Mexican holiday that we all celebrate.

Many people think that Cinco de Mayo is Mexican Independence Day. I learned early on that was incorrect, and I learned that it had something to do with Mexico battling the French (in high school, we contemplated having a Spanish club v. French club capture the flag event), but I did not know much other than that. Many people liken Cinco de Mayo to St. Patrick's Day, another holiday celebrated more by Americans with ethnic origins, but at least St. Patrick's Day is a national holiday in Ireland.

Now that I have looked it up on wiki, I know what Cinco De Mayo stands for yet I still do not know why it became the holiday. Instead of thinking too much more, I am going to go to my friend's house for some homemade guacamole and carne asada. A little piece of home- California.

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