Thursday, May 29, 2008

To Learn List

  • How to parallel park the Green Monster, my mom's SUV I am driving over the summer.
  • Business Associations, Conflict of Laws, Family Law, and review Civil Procedure and Torts (these are just the subject areas I have encountered in two days).
  • How to make my printer not print out invisible documents.
  • Not to be overwhelmed when I get issues that deal with a lot of money or people's marriages.
  • Why Santa Barbara has so many one way streets.
  • How to stay warm in my freezing cold office.
  • Not get angry at all the bikers around Santa Barbara who selectively obey traffic laws.
  • Not to feel really old when half the people who live around me were born in the 90s.

Speaking of life lessons during the summer, DCist made a hilarious list of "How Not to Be That Intern." After spending two summers in DC myself, I saw many interns who could have used this list. Fortunately, I think I only violated the gawking at famous people rule. I almost physically ran into Ted Kennedy and Newt Gingrich.

Maybe I run into some of the famous celebs who live around Santa Barbara like Oprah, Brangelina, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, etc.

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