Wednesday, May 28, 2008

She Works Hard for the Money . . .

Today was my first day of work at the small firm I am working at in Santa Barbara. I got to put on my power suit and drive (yes, me driving) through the picturesque State Street to work. They put me to work pretty quickly--my first assignment was drafting a pre-nup and getting to call the client.

I have the feeling that I will be writing and researching many things that I have never seen before. My second assignment today definitely fit into this category. Even if I wasn't bound by confidentiality, I still would not be able to divulge the specifics because I am still trying to figure that out myself. Although I felt a little overwhelmed trying to research an area where I did not even know where to start, everyone has been very helpful and nice.

Overall, the day was exciting, nerve-wracking, stimulating, and confusing all at once. I am too exhausted to write anymore. I guess that is why they call it work.

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