Thursday, May 29, 2008

How Old Are You?

Today, the client I am writing a prenuptial for came into the office to drop off some papers. When I came out to greet him, he had that look on his face that said "how old are you?" Even though I was in my nice suit, I know I still look young--especially compared to many of the lawyers in the firm who have been with the place since before I was born.

On the other end of the spectrum, when I moved into my summer sublet and told one of my new roommates that I am in law school, she asked me how old I was also. Even though they are only a few years younger than me, it is funny to think that I will be done with law school before they finish undergrad.

Too young. Too old. Since leaving the law school bubble, where 90% of people were probably within five years of my age, I think I have had age identity crisis.

In other work news, I have mostly been assigned cases from the lawyer who works on education stuff, which is exciting. He is nice but he's also tough and expects a lot. Example:
Me: So which parts of the case do you want me to take?
Lawyer: All of it.

However, yesterday I felt like we had a bonding moment:
Laywer: I had a chance to look over your resume again.
Me: Oh, ok.
Lawyer: I am glad that you were the President of the College Democrats. If it were the Republicans, we might have had problems. [don't worry Faith, he would still like you]
Me: *breathes a sigh of relief*
Lawyer: You an Obama supporter?
Me: Yeah, I voted for him. And you?
Lawyer: Obama all the way. You know, all these years I have never put a political bumper sticker on my car. But I do now. Ok, back to work.

Our firm has a mix of political ideologies, but I guess I should not have been surprised with this lawyer. I looked at his biography afterward and saw that he did go to Berkeley in the 60s.

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