Saturday, April 19, 2008

Nancy + Newt

As I was flipping through the channels this afternoon, I had to do a double take when I saw this commercial. I knew I was tired after a long day of ALR training, but was I imagining this? Nancy Pelosi and Newt Gingrich doing a commercial together? About climate change no less?

Slightly awkward but I still thought it was cute. Interestingly, when I googled this commercial, I found it on Newt's webpage first. There were a lot of comments from angry Conservatives, calling Newt a traitor and sell-out. Never would I ever think that I would be on Newt's side. But it seems as though we share something in common other than both being lunch patrons at the Corner Bakery on Vermont and K St.

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Terra Rossa said...

Hi Kristina—

We are writing to you regarding Newt Gringrich's blog post yesterday. We want to let you know that Newt is not the only "red stater" calling for conservatives to join the environmental debate.
Whit Ayers over at Terra Rossa (a conservative environmental blog) has written an interesting post on the topic entitled Let's Get Right into the Debate.

Whit writes, "I couldn't agree more with Newt's position here. I'm a conservative, but I'm also a passionate environmentalist. And it dismays me to see that, somewhere along the way, conservatives wrote themselves out of the environmental debate. I don't question the motives of my liberal environmentalist friends, but I do question their methods. And I genuinely believe conservatives have something to say on this issue.

Please take a look at Whit's post and let us know your thoughts.
Terra Rossa is a blog and has been around for over a year. It's a forum where "red staters" agree on the power of the marketplace to meet our economic, national security and environmental goals.

It's where conservatives discuss the power of carbon markets to solve our biggest problems.