Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hellos and Goodbyes

When you are a 1L, you are pretty isolated from the rest of the law school. You may know a handful of older students, but you mostly associate with the 1Ls that you have all your classes with. Thus, when last year's 3L class graduated, there were few goodbyes.

This year as a 2L, I have become good friends with many 3Ls this year-- mainly through activities such as Admin Law Review (ALR) and the Integrated Curriculum Program. As we had our ALR Symposium, our last major event of the year, and ALR Banquet today, it finally hit me that I will not see so many of my friends next year. The many familiar faces that I am used to seeing when I walk into the ALR office will soon be replaced by the new jr. staff, who we train tomorrow.

There is always that feeling in the school setting: once you finally feel like you become good friends with someone, graduation rolls around. Now this seems more true than ever in law school where the turn-around time is so fast.

It will definitely be sad when I have to say goodbye to the people who trained me last year, who told me which classes to take and mentored me in many other ways, and just were good friends in general.

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