Thursday, March 20, 2008

Let the Madness Begin

Preface: In my early years of college I did not follow UCLA basketball because 1) I came from a football high school, and consequently, really only followed UCLA football, and 2) then-coach Steve Lavin seemed sleezy (think, Coach Bombay in his slick-backed hair phase in Mighty Ducks 2) and that sleeziness seemed to trickle down to his players.

I started following our team more my senior year, well before anyone thought we would be going to the Championship game, because I discovered new-coach Ben Howland and I really liked the team he was building. Seemingly more "wholesome" players, in the sense that they were talented but did not seem to have egos. Very team-oriented players who now actually went to class and occasionally made the honor roll (think, Kevin Love).

Not that anyone has called me a bandwagoner, but just wanted to lay that out there because of the timing of my excitement and because I do not like bandwagon fans (think, 75% of USC football fans).

That being said . . . I am very excited for March Madness. UCLA's first game is tonight, GO BRUINS.

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