Friday, March 21, 2008

The Event Planner

I feel as though I am coming off an event planning "high." This week I was part of two great groups who planned a lot of events.

For APALSA, we had our first Asian Pacific Americans and the Law dinner on Wednesday with an amazing guest speaker and over 80 practitioners, judges, alums, professors, and students. We were so afraid that we would have a low turnout because of the rain and war protests, but we turned out the most number of Asians I have seen in one place since . . . being in San Francisco.

For the Integrated Curriculum Program, we pumped out 2 panels, a lunch and movie screening for 200 students, and an all-day conference on curricular innovations. The conference, which was today, well exceeded everyone's expectations. It was so amazing to hear professors from all across the country discuss how to improve legal education and know that our school put it together.

Even though I was not the lead on the two major events of the week, and the event-planning office significantly brought ideas into fruition, I guess I still had those pre-event jitters. Will enough people show up? Are all the rooms set up properly? Will people be bored? Did we order enough food? Are there vegetarian options?

Yet, I think going from a stage of anxiousness before the event to relief and success afterwards is what makes event planning so exhilarating. And this is probably why I once wanted to be an event planner and now just do it in all that law school free time. (Yeah, half of my classes were canceled this week, that definitely helped).

I have a feeling that I will find a way to keep doing this after law school as well. Just not wedding planning, I do not think I could deal with a lot of brides. There are always plenty of other events to plan, and type-A people to plan them.

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Sarah K. said...

Thanks for all you did to make the conference successful, Kristina!

And I totally agree about event planning ... kind of my favorite hobby. I think I'll put it to use planning fundraisers for future jobs or associations. ;-)