Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Counsel or Counselor?

Maybe I am drawn to the law because I like advising people (aka: telling people what to do). Even though my one class was canceled today, I still managed to fill up the hours at school by playing law school guidance counselor:

9:50am: At the bus stop, talked to a 1L about whether or not to do his judicial internship for credit
12-1:00pm: Spoke on a panel for 1L students about choosing classes
1-1:30pm: Answered individual questions about choosing classes
3:30-4:30pm: Met with one of my 1L students to answer questions about fellowships, class selection, and externships
4:30-5:30pm: Gave a tour to an admitted student and answered his questions about WCL

Honestly, it is weird giving advice since I am only one year removed from 1L year and still don't know many of these answers myself. But I do think people pick up the law school ins-and-outs pretty quickly when you experience it yourself. Anyone could probably give the advice I give; I am just one of the crazy people who always volunteers to do it.

Related story: I sit in a library study room for 2 hours every week waiting for students to come ask me questions. Although I had a lot of visitors last semester, no one has come in the 10 weeks of this semester. . . that is, until I leave for the very first time a little early. Figures.

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