Friday, March 07, 2008

Let the Madness Begin

The NCAA tournament has not started yet, but the March madness has. I started my Spring Break last night by curling up on my couch to watching UCLA play against Stanford for the Pac-10 title. After UCLA scored its first basket, I decided to finish up an email. I looked back at the tv and saw the score- Stanford 10, UCLA 2. What?

For the vast majority of the game, we were down by double digits, and I almost fell asleep as the game went well past midnight. But then we came back in the final few minutes, tied the game, won in overtime, and I almost had a few heart attacks along the way.

I cannot wait for the tournament to start. If American wins the Patriot League this week, they will be in the tournament for the first time ever. A bit different from UCLA, which has yellow C's on their jerseys to designate 100 National Championships- 11 of which are for basketball. Who knows, maybe American will be a Cinderella stories. Do not worry though, all of my loyalty still lies with UCLA.

[Photo courtesy of LA Times: Russell Westbrook and Darren Collison, who led UCLA to victory. I love having a team of so many strong players yet so few egos.]

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