Saturday, March 08, 2008

Blues and Gold

Yesterday I missed my bus to work so I walked mile and a half uphill . . . in the rain. After work, I walked another half mile to feed Alex's cats while he is on a trip. . . in the rain. And after deciding to dry out and sleep on Alex's couch, I walked back to the metro this morning . . . in the pouring rain. Yeah, Spring Break has gotten off to a rainy start.

Fortunately my roommate and I found a way to cure the rainy day blues: watching the UCLA basketball game and ordering delicious Thai food.

For those of you who missed it, UCLA pulled off another miracle to comeback and win in the final second of the game against Berkeley. See video below for Josh Shipp's insane behind the backboard basket.

As my friend Eric astutely noted, this year's basketball team is much like our football team three years ago. Dubbed the "Cardiac Kids," the football team came back from seemingly impossible deficits several times. I am going to have ask my dad's company for one of their pacemakers if our basketball team continues down that same route.

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