Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Fiercest Fondue Finale Party

One of the first things that my law school group of friends bonded over was a love of Project Runway. The first time we hung out outside of school was for the Project Runway Season 3 finale. We also have had 2 great Top Chef finale parties (one hors d'oeuvres and one a dip party). This time we decided to have a fondue finale party . . . which was really my excuse for trying to make fondue for the first time.

Below is the whole spread: In front is the desert plate (strawberries, bananas, apples, and Trader Joe Rice Krispie treats to be dipped in chocolate), the cheese plate (broccoli, cherry tomatoes, and bread to be dipped in swiss/gruyere), and the meat plate courtesy of Jessie (salami, prosciutto, and pickles).
Close up of the cheese dippers. I loved the colors on this plate.

Putting the fun in to fondue. My favorite picture of the night with the expressions on everyone's faces.
Daniel perfecting the the broccoli dip and twirl.

Finishing off the night with chocolate covered strawberries (or in my case, just strawberries-- oh Lent)
Oh yeah, the finale was also very good as well--or as Christian would say, fierce! I was happy with the season overall and cannot wait for Top Chef. Maybe I should start thinking of party ideas for that finale now.

[Note: Thank you Trader Joe for providing 90% of the ingredients, they were all fresh, delicious, and cheap. Thank you roommie for going the cheeserie to find that last piece of the puzzle. Thank you to Alex for letting me borrow your fondue pot.]

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