Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Do or Die Tuesday

The media has dubbed today "Do or Die Tuesday," saying that Hillary Clinton's campaign is done if she losses Ohio and Texas. I think this is a little more catchy than "C-Day," which is what Drudge has been calling it.

These terms and slogans have made the already interesting election even more amusing (and cliche, as Slate laments). Here are some the names and election lingo from this election cycle that have seemed to stick...
  • Primary/Caucus Days: Super Tuesday-- also known as Super Duper Tuesday, Tsunami Tuesday; the Potomac Primaries-- also known as the Beltway Primary, the Chesapeake Primary, or my favorite- the Crabcake Primary.
  • Campaign Followers: Obamaniacs, Fred Heads, Paulites, Hillblazers
  • On the Stump: Hope monger (Obama), Mac is Back (McCain), Fired Up, Ready to Go (Obama taken from Deval Patrick), Agent of Change (Clinton), Yes We Can (Obama), Change we can believe in (Obama)
  • Punditry Analysis: Youthquake
  • Heard on the Streets/Internet: Barack Attack (coined by Alex), Barack the Vote, HuckChuck Facts, Give 'em Hill
Naturally the Clinton campaign has rejected that today is do or die and said that she'll keep going if Obama loses any of the elections. As much as I hate seeing this being dragged out any longer, it will be interesting to see what name they come up with if Puerto Rico, the last Primary on June 7, gets to vote on my birthday.

[Picture courtesy of Slate]

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