Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Someone on Yelp posted a Valentine's Day event where everyone would be decorating shoe boxes to put Valentine's Day cards inside. [See picture below, from the event invitation.] Oh, elementary school nostalgia. I loved decorating those shoe boxes and getting cheesy and pun-filled cards from everyone in my class. I think my favorite cards I ever gave out had Ziggy on them.

In high school and college, mandatory cards to all your classmates were replaced by buying candy-grams through ASB, embarrassing someone with a singing telegram via the show-choir, sending a rose or can of "Crush" anonymously through a fraternity or sorority, etc. Clearly Hallmark is not the only one to learn how to profit off of this day.

And now in the final phase of my educational career, we at my Kumbaya law school celebrate Valentine's Day with the Vagina Monologues and a Chocolate Bash to support public interest fellowships (curse giving up sweets for Lent!) And we might even heed the advice of our professors...
Feb. 14th is Valentine's Day and if you have been abandoning your significant other because of law school all year, the 14th is probably a good day to put the books to one side (even if your significant other is named Rex or Fido or in fact are the characters from The Office sitcom, they too need your affection)." --Professor Rosser

Happy Valentine's Day to my family, friends, and of course, Alex.

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Helen said...

Yes. I cannot think of anything more romantic for Valentine's Day than the Vagina Monologues. Because if you don't proclaim your love for your vagina in public, who will?